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Tips for spray painting a car

if you realize that the color of your vehicle is beginning to become a bit stained or dreary looking or you just decide you want a new look. The initial idea in your mind is possibly locating an expert to take care of a new paint job. Anyway, spray painting a car is not a work that may solely be done by experts; as a matter of fact you can get the work done yourself with just a few guidelines and bit of strength of mind.

As such here are a couple tips to support you achieve an amazing finish right in your own yard, without paying high amount for someone else to perform it and without spending a leg and arm to purchase the necessary materials.

Required Material

Clear Coat

Power Spin buffer

Paint rays

4 High density foam brushes


Odorless mineral spirits

Rustoleum high gloss paint

Wet Snadpaper


Car Washing brush and detergent


Making Tape

Required tools

Paint Sprayer


Putty Knife (optional)

Tips for spray painting a car

First you need to find a large spot that is dirt and dust free since can be very unfavorable to a best paint job. If you have a garage with ample space this would most likely be the amazing area to do your painting.

Once you choose a spot use the vehicle washing detergent and brush to delete any dust and dirt from the vehicle. Use tape and newspaper and meticulously go around the vehicle and carefully cover any place you do not want to be painted such as headlights and windows. You ought to remove the bumpers as well and spray them separately to make sure they are done well.

Begin with the solid grit sandpaper and then go over the vehicle again with finer grades. A sander will mainly support with this step therefore it is amazing that you get one. The vehicle ought to be wet polished so use sandpaper planned for wet use.

If there are any dimples in the vehicle, use the putty to knife to fix and balance them with putty. Let the putty to dry completely before disturbing it. If the base mental of the vehicle is showing in any places, paint them with a coat of the premier to ensure that you get a level finish.

To decrease the standard of tape and newspaper job you have to do, take off as many sections as easy that you do not want to be painted for example the tail lights and head. Allow every coat to dry for a few hours before applying another coat on peak.

Magic Painter Method

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